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I made this video to answer your questions about the technique and the material I use regarding my artistic work.


Ho realizzato questo video per rispondere alle vostre curiosità sulla tecnica e il materiale da me usato riguardo il mio lavoro artistico.

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It all started when my mom passed away.


I was on a break from my work in theatres and not going through a very serene period.


One day my son Nazareno said that he had spare sketchbook that his art teacher told him was no longer needed for school projects, so he asked if I wanted to use it.


I thought I could have used it to sketch scenographies for work so I simply tucked it in a cupboard. After some time I opened the same cupboard again and saw that very sketchbook next to my precious Caran d'Ache pencils and … that's when I thought of drawing something. Yes but, what to draw then? 

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