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My Drawings

It all started when my mom passed away.

I was on a break from my work in theatres and not going through a very serene period.

One day my son Nazareno said that he had spare sketchbook that his art teacher told him was no longer needed for school projects, so he asked if I wanted to use it.

I thought I could have used it to sketch scenographies for work so I simply tucked it in a cupboard. After some time I opened the same cupboard again and saw that very sketchbook next to my precious Caran d'Ache pencils and … that's when I thought of drawing something. Yes but, what to draw then?

My other son, Paride, who was five years old at the time, was browsing through "The Big Book of Trees" and the picture of a strange flower called "Shaving Brush" caught my eye.

Right then and there, I had found my subject and I immediately started drawing it. 

Since then I have never stopped drawing and within just a few days I had filled with flowers, fruits and plants all the other pages in the sketchbook

Pencils have always been my passion. They were the first type of colours that I received as a gift at an early age. As far as flowers are concerned, I have always loved them. My mum used to keep so many flowers around the house, she even let them wilt in their vase because she said that even so, they still had some kind of charm to them.

I believe that I owe to my sons the rediscovery of this great passion of mine and I hope that, through my art, I am able to make you feel the same emotions I do while creating.

I Miei Disegni