Valentine's Day

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[ITA] "Quando siete in preda al pessimismo, guardate una rosa" (Albert Samain)

Niente di più vero. Circondarsi di fiori, di rose, di bellezza aiuta a vivere meglio.

Ve lo posso testimoniare perché ho fatto del mio giardino un roseto, con più di trenta tipi diversi di piante. Ed è bellissimo curarsene, goderne della vista e del profumo, nonostante le spine.

Però... poi arriva l'inverno e le rose vanno in letargo. Ci si chiude in casa ed il mondo assume un aspetto più incolore, più spento, più triste.

Per fortuna però ho le mie matite e la mia arte con cui colorare la mia vita e, se lo vuoi, anche la tua.

E' bellissimo ricevere delle rose rosse (e non solo a San Valentino) ma immagino che sia una buona idea donare, donarsi o ricevere in regalo una stampa di una bella rosa che non sfiorisce mai.

In occasione della festa degli innamorati ho pensato di creare un'edizione limitata, numerata e con autografo originale.

Saranno realizzate soltanto 14 stampe, così come il giorno di San Valentino, il 14 febbraio.

In omaggio riceverete anche l'immagine in cartolina, sulla quale potrete scrivere la vostra dedica d'amore.

Il costo della stampa in edizione limitata è di Euro 35,00 inclusa la spedizione assicurata (solo per l'Italia).

[ENG] "When you're about to become a pessimist, look at a rose" (Albert Samain)

Couldn't agree more. Surrounding yourself with flowers, roses, beauty will help living a better life. Take it from me, I have a rose garden featuring over thirty different plant specimens. Looking after them is so delightful, enjoying their sight and smell, despite their thorns.

However... Winter comes and roses wither. We keep ourselves warm and cosy inside and everything seems more colourless, duller, sadder.

Luckily I still have my pencils and my art through which I can add more colour to my life and, if you like, even yours.

Receiving red roses is always a joy (not only on Valentine's Day) but I think that what's even better is gifting yourself or someone the printing of a beautiful rose that can be admired forever and will never wither.

On the romantic occurrence of Saint Valentine's I thought of issuing some limited edition, numbered and autographed series of prints.

Since this occurrence falls on the 14th of February, only 14 prints will be issued. You will also receive a complimentary postcard of the same print on which you can write a short love letter to your significant other.

For any further information regarding shipment to your country email me at

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It all started when my mom passed away.


I was on a break from my work in theatres and not going through a very serene period.


One day my son Nazareno said that he had spare sketchbook that his art teacher told him was no longer needed for school projects, so he asked if I wanted to use it.


I thought I could have used it to sketch scenographies for work so I simply tucked it in a cupboard. After some time I opened the same cupboard again and saw that very sketchbook next to my precious Caran d'Ache pencils and … that's when I thought of drawing something. Yes but, what to draw then? 

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