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Peonies have a special charm to them, they're similar to roses but they're more delicate because they don't have thorns. I remember that in our summer house garden, amongst the varieties of flowers that my parents planted there, there was never a peony. I don't know why, maybe because of the torrid climate of the Apulian Summers nobody, even in our group of friends, had one of them in their garden and I was a bit sad about that. Later in live, when I moved to the North of Italy instead, I realised how there were so many peonies, they were everywhere and so I couldn't help getting one finally. I remember that day I was happy like a little child that has just received their dream toy for Christmas. The beauty of a peony is incredible, how could I not make a drawing of it?Peonies flourish with spherical blossoms which then disclose into wonderfully scented by calyxes with a miriad of petals.... Miriad, that's why I chose this title, for the infinite number of petals that makes up the calyx of these wonderful flowers.I completed this artwork after about three months of work.


Le peonie hanno un fascino particolare, sono simili alle rose ma sono più gentili perché non hanno le spine. Ricordo che nel giardino della nostra casa al mare, tra le varietà di fiori che i miei genitori vi piantarono non ci fu mai una peonia, non so perché, può darsi che il clima torrido delle estati pugliesi non fosse favorevole perché di fatto nessuno, neanche fra i nostri amici ne aveva in giardino e a me questo un po' dispiaceva. Quando sono andata a vivere al nord Italia mi sono accorta di come invece ve ne fossero quasi dappertutto e così non ho resistito ad acquistarne una pianta. Ricordo che quel giorno ero felice come una bambina a cui regalano la bambola dei sogni. E' incredibile la loro bellezza, come non avrei potuto dedicargli un disegno? Le peonie nascono con dei boccioli sferici e poi si schiudono in profumati grandi calici con una miriade di petali... Miriade, ecco perché ho scelto questo titolo, per l'infinito numero di petali da cui è composto il calice di questi meravigliosi fiori.Ho terminato quest'opera dopo circa tre mesi di lavoro.

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It all started when my mom passed away.


I was on a break from my work in theatres and not going through a very serene period.


One day my son Nazareno said that he had spare sketchbook that his art teacher told him was no longer needed for school projects, so he asked if I wanted to use it.


I thought I could have used it to sketch scenographies for work so I simply tucked it in a cupboard. After some time I opened the same cupboard again and saw that very sketchbook next to my precious Caran d'Ache pencils and … that's when I thought of drawing something. Yes but, what to draw then? 

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